How To Measure For Your Alternative Sizing Custom BJJ Gi

Measuring For Your Custom Gi:

Sizing can sometimes be difficult for those of us with body dimensions outside of the range of "normal". To use the fruit/vegetable analogy, some of us are pears, apples, string beans, carrots, and even sometimes a pumpkin.

Our service seeks to address all of the many types of body shapes and sizes.

We offer a custom gi package that will allow you to enter custom measurements for all of the dimensions we use to build a gi. But to get a proper fitting gi we will need good measurements. And for us to do this we need a tailor's measuring tape.  See below.

Tailors Measuring Tape

You easily find one of these at a fabric store or also craft stores. Amazon also sells them. CLICK HERE. The reason to use these is that it will conform to your body more so than say a carpenters tape or a ruler.

Once you have your tape in hand it is best to give it to someone else to do the actual measuring or your results will likely lead to poor measurements and fit.


There are two ways to measure for your custom gi.
1. Measure from a gi that fits well already and add to it to factor in shrinking.
2. Measure from your body using the measuring tape.  These measurements will already factor in for shrinking.

For method 1 you will basically lay your gi flat onto the floor/table and take a series of measurements following the diagram below.Killer Bee Gi Size Chart Diagram
Once you have recorded those measurements you will need to add 5-6% to the lengths so that when it shrinks it should be approximately where you want it.

The second method involves measuring the circumference of several parts of your body.  I will then use these measurements to approximate the dimensions for the fabric of your custom gi.

1. Chest measurement at the widest point and puffed out.
2. Bicep measurement when flexed.
3. Stomach/Waist measurement.
4. Hip measurement at the widest point.
5. Individual thigh measurement at the thickest point.

1. Extend your arms like an airplane. Close your fists. Have someone measure from one fist end to the other and add two inches.
2. Measure from the base of your neck, where the large vertebrae is all the way down to just past your butt cheek OR where you want the skirt to end. Add one inch.
3. For the pants, measure from your hip, down to just underneath your ankle bone.

Once you have all of these recorded you can enter these measurements for our fully customized sized gi product found at the link below.

Fully Customized GI

There will be a calculator form at the top for which you can enter the circumference measurements and a resulting value will be displayed. You can use this resulting number in the forms fields below it.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me or send me a message via my CHAT feature on the website.

Jesse Bellavance

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