Custom Gi Buyers Guide

Killer Bee BJJ Kimonos offers the consumer the ability to build a gi that fits them and looks exactly the way they want. For the most part submitting your request is an easy process but there are several facts that you need to be aware of when ordering a custom gi. This page serves to assist you during the ordering process.

First let’s begin with discussing the different packages we offer.

    1. Our Classic Made To Order Custom Gi: This is our flag ship custom gi that gives you many custom options for a beautiful gi at a fair price and in a reasonable amount of time, about 10-20 business days from order date. (Usually we will ship within 10 business days.) You are able to modify the size dimensions for total sleeve length, gi top height as measured from base of collar to skirt end, total pant length and also your own custom embroidery.
    2. Fully Customizable BJJ GI: We now offer you the ability to fully customize your BJJ gi with over 16 sizing options available. This is a great option for those BJJ Athletes who want to re-create their favorite gi sizing and look. Our custom BJJ gi is an affordable option for a better fit.
    3. Jacket Or Pants Option: We now offer you the ability to order just a jacket or top with custom sizing.
    4. Special Edition Gi's: These are special edition gi's that follow a thematic element. You are able to choose some color options and also sizing elements.


  1. Scutellata Weave: This is your standard medium weight gold weave. About 550 GSM. It is softer when compared to the Ligustica weave but also retains more sweat while rolling. It is considered the most durable although all weaves we have are very durable. If you choose this fabric the shrinkage rate is about 6%. So add 6% to the desired measurement you want.  For example: Desired measurement: 70 Inches would equal (70* 1.06) = 74. The number 74 would be the value you enter so after washing and drying it will be ABOUT that much.
  2. Ligustica Weave: This is also a medium weight gi. About 525 GSM. It is our Carioca Weave/Double Pearl. It is only slightly lighter in weight when compared to the Scutellata Weave but holds less sweat when rolling, “feeling” lighter in weight because of it. It is not as soft though as the Scutellata Weave. This weave does not shrink as much.  Maybe 6% Estimate.
  3. Meliponini Weave:  About 500 GSM.  This is our basic Single Weave material. Lightest in weight, the softest of all the fabrics, and very breathable. Within BJJ circles Single weave is not considered the strongest of the weaves although we have not had ANY issues with ours. This weave does not shrink as much.  Maybe 6%.
  4. Anatolica Weave: This is our new Lite Weight material. About 350 GSM.  Strong and durable. This weave does not shrink as much.  Maybe 6%.

    All of our gi tops are constructed the same way regardless of fabric chosen.


  1. Heavy Duty Fabric: This is our most durable, canvas like fabric, used for our gi pants. It is heavy but is much more abrasion resistant than our RipStop gi pants. Feels heavy when sweaty. This is a 12 oz. weight fabric. 6% shrinkage estimate.
  2. RipStop Fabric: A popular fabric, it is lightweight and very breathable. If you buy white make a note not to wear darker underwear, as everyone else will know. The name is rather a misnomer. It is more prone to ripping than our other fabrics and the least abrasion resistant. We do use a heavier 10 oz. weight fabric. Estimate 6% shrinkage.
  3. Drill Cotton Fabric: This is our most comfortable pants. IMO. Soft material, abrasion resistant, and still breathable. We use a 9 oz. weight fabric. 6% shrinkage estimate.


All of our gi’s are made of 100% cotton. Cotton is a natural fiber that shrinks when washed and dried. Cotton also is an unstable fabric that shrinks and expands in relation to humidity. Please note the estimated shrinkage rates and calculate that into your measurements if needed.


When starting out we want to first base the custom gi sizing on your measurements rather than weight and height. Go to our size chart page and you can use our calculator to help you estimate what will work best for you. Most folks fall within standard sizing but for those of us that fall outside of the standard A1, A2, etc. sizing we can make a custom gi that is built entirely on your body measurements.

For those of us who are very tall or short and fall within our standard sizing we can customize the gi to your required lengths.  So for example, maybe you are 78" inches tall and skinny. We can make a small frame gi and add lengths to it so it will fit you appropriately.  Or if you are short and stocky we can make a gi that is maybe an A5 in regards to your frame but with shortened sleeve/pant lengths to match your height.  Really we can do anything you would like in terms of sizing.


We offer you the ability to upload your own graphics to be embroidered onto your custom gi.  Anything you send to us to use for embroidery must be an image that you have the right to use.  For example, if you ask us to embroider the Nike logo you must have a letter from Nike giving you permission to use that logo.  We will not knowingly embroider trademarked images.

Any artwork sent should be simple in design and not have too many colors.  By default, we can embroider an image of up to seven colors. That is the limit of our embroidery machine. For this reason, the best artwork style are usually images that are more like a cartoon rather than a full-color gradient photograph. See the below example.

Embroidery Graphic Example
Keep the graphics as simple as possible.  If you have a poor quality graphic we may be able to make it work. Just reach out and ask via our contact page and I will let you know. Most of the time I have the ability to edit graphics so that they can work.


Sleeve To Sleeve Measurement

 Sleeve To Sleeve Measurement

You will need help to do this if you do not have an existing gi to use for reference. Have your arms extended out like an airplane.

Sleeve To Sleeve Measurement
Measure From 2nd Knuckle Of Your Pinky Finger Across The Back To The Other 2nd Knuckle Of Your Other Pinky Finger.

If you already have a gi top that you like the fit of you can use that as well. Just remember to add about 6% to your value if you buy a Scutellata Weave gi top or about 6% if you buy an Anatolica, or the Ligustica gi top weave. This is because the custom gi will need to shrink a bit to about the length of what you want it to be.

Measure From Sleeve End To Sleeve End
Measure From Sleeve End To Sleeve End


Measure from the base of your neck right where the large vertebrae bone is (C7 Disc), down do a desired length near the area just below your buttock. You will have to decide what is reasonable for your torso height. 

Measure From Base Of Neck To Desired Length

If you have an existing gi, then measure as follows. Measure from the base of the collar down to the end of the skirt. Add the appropriate measurement for shrinkage. 5% for Anatolica, Ligustica, or Meliponnini gi top weaves and 5% for Scutellata gi top weaves. This is because the custom gi will need to shrink a bit to about the length of what you want it to be.

Measure From Base Of Lapel To Skirt End


Measure from where you wear your pants down to the base of your ankle bone.

Measure From Hip To The Underside Of The Outside Ankle Bone

If using an existing gi pant that you like the measurements for. Measure from the top of the pants all the way down to the cuff and add 6% to this measurement.

Measure From Top Of Pants To The Bottom


For those of us that may have an irregular size we offer a service for that. To use our service you will first need to take some measurements. Please use a tailor’s measuring tape which you can purchase online or at Walmart/Target. I would discourage using a carpenters tape as it does not conform well to the body.


1. Chest: Measure the circumference of your chest, puffed out as much as possible.
2. Stomach: Measure the circumference of your stomach area.
3. Bicep: Measure the circumference of your bicep while it is flexed.


1. Waist: Measure the circumference of your waist.
2. Thigh: Measure the circumference of the thickest part of your thigh.
3. Body Description: Please describe your body type as clearly as possible. This will help us with evaluating your measurements.

Once done. Take those measurements and select the FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE BJJ GI. Enter those measurements into the online form.



Please understand that this is a custom process. We treat each customer as an individual with specific needs.  If you order a custom gi we will likely reach out to you if there is any questions in terms of sizing. Every order is evaluated and in almost all instances we will send out a follow up email just to confirm sizing.  There will likely be some back and forth communication as we fine tune your order. Please be patient with this part of the process and understand that it is so we can build you a gi that fits you well.