How To Design & Build Your Killer Bee Gi Custom BJJ Gi - STEP 2

In our previous blog article we discussed how to design your custom gi using our Mock-Up Tool app. In this next section in our HOW-TO series we will discuss Step 2 in the process of completing your order.  Here will begin the process of building your order and verifying details from the Mockup Tool Application.

From the main menu page click STEP 2: BUILD YOUR ORDER

What is required here is fairly simple as you will take the details of your mockup and enter it into the order fields.  Simply scroll through the series of options and enter in values related to your mock-up.

I have integrated a sizing estimator to help you determine the gi that should work for you based on specific body measurements.  To get these measurements its best if you use a tailors measuring tape.  A carpenters tape measure may work as well but it will not conform to your body as well as a tailors tape will.

BJJ Gi Size Calculator

Just record your circumference measurements for CHEST, WAIST, and THIGH.

Enter those values in and the resulting number will be an approximation of what size should work for you when you compare the dimensions onto the size chart.

The resulting values represent the left to right measurement of the CHEST, WAIST, and THIGH on our size charts. They are not a circumference measurement.

Chest Width Measurement
Thigh Width Measurement


Waist Width Measurement

For those of us with wide hips the main issue is pulling the pants up past our hips so it can be cinched at the waist.  So for example, let us assume we have a waist circumference of 38 which would translate to a waist width of about 22 Inches wide for the gi.

But we also have a thigh circumference of 24 inches which will translate to a thigh width measurement of about 14 inches.

Since you have two thighs, stacked together (14 inches x 2), the pants width would need to be in the range of 26-28 inches.  Once pulled up pass your hips you can then cinch the waist using the stretchable drawstrings.

The calculator will also see where you fall in terms of size for Killer Bee Gi uniforms.

After you have determined your measurements you can run down the list of options and select what you would like for your custom gi.

One note about color. For Grey, Military, Pink, and Navy your only options for Gi Jacket fabric is our Meliponini Pearl Weave and for the pants RipStop.  The tool selection process factors in this so when you select one of those colors your options will become limited.

Our custom gi's are also customizable by 4 dimensions to allow for a better fit. I will discuss them below and how to measure for them.

Sleeve Cuff To Sleeve Cuff Measurement:

As measured as seen on diagram (A). To measure from your body. Extend your arms like an airplane, close your fists, and have someone measure from one fist end, across the back, to the other fist end. Add two inches to that number.

Sleeve To Sleeve Measurement
We have two ways to get this measurement. 

First is to extend your arms like an airplane, close your fists, and have some one measure from one fist end, across the back, to the other side fist end.  Add two inches to that total measurement.

Or if you have a gi jacket that fits perfectly, measure from sleeve to sleeve and then add 6% to that measurement. Enter that number into the Sleeve To Sleeve option if you want a custom measurement. If you leave blank, we will use the default length for the base size gi jacket you selected.

Custom Jacket Height Measurement:

As measured as seen on diagram (B). To measure from your body. Measure from the large vertebrate at the back of your neck, down to the desired length. Add 1-2 inches to that measurement. Usually the skirt end should rest below your buttocks.

Or if you have a gi jacket that fits perfectly, measure from the base of the collar all the way down to the skirt end. Add 6% to that measurement.

BJJ Gi Jacket Height

Pant Height Measurement: 

Next we will work on the total pant height of the gi pants.  For a custom measurement simply measure from where your pants rest on your hip, all the way down to the underside of your outside ankle bone.

Alternatively, you can measure from an existing set of gi pants that fit perfectly. Be sure to add 6% to this measurement.

BJJ Gi Pants White Front
Pant Thigh Width Measurement:

If you would like a custom measurement for the thigh as part of your order, it is probably best to use the calculator unless you have a pair of pants that work great for you.

BJJ GI Pants
We give you the option to include a belt with your order.  Just select the color you would like and length.

Please include your height and weight. This helps me validate your order to some extent. Often times I will get an order and the sizes the customer requested does not match the height and weight of the individual. This helps prevent errors.
If you have any concerns or special notes you would like to include with your order please leave a note.

Lastly, PLEASE READ the Terms and Conditions section of the order and click the checkbox that you agree.

Once checked you can add your order to the CART. If for some reason it does not it likely means you missed a required field.  Just scroll through and look for a red error message for the field that was not complete.

You can now make payment for your order. I will review all the orders that come in and reach out if I have any concerns with any of the information you have provded.


Jesse Bellavance - Owner Killer Bee Gi

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