Custom Embroidery: How Does It Work When Designing Your Killer Bee Custom BJJ Gi

One of our favorite features is offering custom embroidery for our customer's BJJ Gi's.

There are some limitations to the process but we wanted to outline the process for making your images work for the embroidery process.

What Makes A Good Embroidery Visually?

1. The embroidery should have about 8 or less colors in it.  This is because our embroidery machine can only handle this many colors so the design needs to be almost like a cartoon in appearance.  See the example below of two mermaids.  The mermaid on the left is from a famous painting and has thousands of colors in it that we could never fully embroider.  The mermaid on the right has only 5 colors so it can easily be handled by our machine.

Good & Bad Embroidery Example

Size Limitations For Custom Embroidery?

Our embroidery machines can only handle an embroidery graphic that is 12 by 12 inches in width and length. So keep that in mind when placing your graphic in our mockup tool. You will need to resize it to 12 x 12 or less depending on the size of embroidery you want.


How Do I Upload My Image For Embroidery?

If you have a graphic you would like to place in the mockup tool you simply need to Upload It. Please watch this video for using the mockup tool. CLICK HERE 

You can upload .jpg files and .png files.  PNG files are the best because you can have transparent images and visually see what your graphic will actually look like on the gi.  This means only the graphic will be seen and not the background. See example below.  The symbol on the viewers left is an example of a .png file. The other example is of a .jpg file that has a white background.

Embroidery Example
In the normal process of things we will already take this into consideration and modify the graphic file so that it will appear correctly with no background color.  You also have the option to send us your files in advance for processing into a transparent .png file using the link below. We do charge 10.00 per image for this service but we will reimburse you when you place your actual order.

If you would like to have your graphic prepared in advance, please click the link below.

Trademarks & Intellectual Property Rights

We respect the artistic rights of other artists and companies.  This means we will not knowingly embroider graphics that belong to someone else without their permission. So for example, we will not embroider the Nike logo, Superman logo, Shoyoroll logo, etc for other companies unless you have their permission.

What we can embroider is art that you have made or that of others provided you have gotten their permission to do so and its not for resale.

Well that about sums up what you need to know for embroidery. Please reach out with any questions using our Chat feature or Contact Page.

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