WarYoga Gear

WARYOGA WarYoga supposes the martial origins of what is commonly known as yoga, including the physical culture excercises of vyayam, those excercises that comprise the Akhara system, such as Dand, Bethak , Gada and actual grappling and expands the name to include all movement and training in regards to development of strength, speed, skill and endurance for the benefit of grappling.

WarYoga supposes all cultures to have developed some form of grappling art and therefore is an expression of the root nature of mankind. Pure primate behaviour WarYoga supposes that cultured man sacralises his activity with myth, story, image, poetry, personification. These are tools to access and maintain contact with the transcendent dimension. Pure primate materia behaviour.

WarYoga supposes that grappling produces peak experiences that drive toward a unification of mind and body in it’s pursuit.

WarYoga supposes this unification is the ultimate goal of human activity. To engage the whole self is pleasurable, fulfilling, efficient and powerful.

WarYoga. supposes that this unification is the starting point for what is commonly known as spiritual work and includes both common and uncommon states, from flow states on to those states produced by meditation.

In degrees, WarYoga refers to this unification as the Knowbody. Can you bring your mind and your body into perfect eclipse so that you need not discern which is which, and then maintain this under difficult circumstances like sitting quietly and uncomfortable in a room alone?

WarYoga supposes that wrestling is a spiritual path and was codified, validated and known as such in traditional cultures, as still seen in Japanese Sumo and Indian Akhara, Kushti.

WarYoga, or grappling seen in this broad context is man at his most basic, without artifice, without equipment. It is man in the midst of physical laws, his mind and body in coordination striving against an external opponent and both external and internal forces.

The physicality of grappling is obvious and intrinsic but Grappling is a mental game, not only in strategic sense but in the sense of mental toughness; the ability to maintain presence and confidence in conflict.

Physical Culture for fitness, fitness for health, Health for fighting Salute Marut Mace Men and Grappler's! assert your willingness and striving to adore the upright and pursue the eternal.