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Standard Custom Killer Bee Package Order

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    ALL CUSTOM GI'S TAKE 30-50 DAYS TO BE DELIVERED. There is an option to RUSH ORDER for an added fee.

    We offer a ton of options for you. As always, if you have any questions, please contact me and I will respond promptly.

    We are also again offering custom embroidery.  We have a requirement though. You will need to provide me with clear images that can be easily converted into a graphic file for embroidery.  Images should be similar to a logo or line graphic. 1-3 colors. No pictures with a large number of color gradients.  Just think of your standard logo for a company. Simple design or lettering.  For example, a graphic like my Killer Bee Logo.  We will not embroider trademarked graphics such as Nike, Adidas or worse, other Gi companies.

    We offer custom embroidery as a separate product that you can order for the Custom Gi's. Go here:  Custom Embroidery

    You can see our custom gi in action in a commercial starring Mr. Shaquille O'neal.  Please note. Mr. O'Neal does not endorse this product. It was simply requested for the commercial.

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    1. Never buying a Gi from anyone else again

      I'm pretty tall and lanky. Off the shelf gi's do not fit me. I've even tried multiple supposedly tall sized gi's that are available. They are all junk.

      Had a custom Gi made by Killer Bee. Night and day. Been using it for about a year. Super impressed with the quality and fit.
      on Jan 1st 2018

    2. Amazing custom gi

      As a female martial artist with actual curves, it can be hard to find a gi that delivers on a comfortable, practical fit. But my Killer Bee custom gi is PERFECT. The pants are the most comfortable I've ever worn and the Ligustica top is breaking in to be just as comfortable. The stitching and material are all top notch - this is a gi that will last for years. All at a reasonable price for a custom fit. I would absolutely recommend their custom gi to anyone who needs a super high quality gi with tailored measurements. on Oct 9th 2017

    3. Beyond impressed with my custome Gi

      From the moment I opened my Killerbee package I could see and feel the quality of the Gi. I tried it on and everything seemed to fit like a glove. They got my measurements in good order and the results once I received the gi were of superb quality. My future Gi's from now on will be Killerbee! I simply love it. I highly recommend Killerbee for anyone's next Gi! Thank you. on Jun 20th 2017

    4. Great custom gi

      Was good high quality weave and durable jacket/pants size was k1 and still seemed a bit big for being the smallest. But overall great quality gi and would buy from here again!! on May 21st 2017

    5. Built on 100% Custom Measurements

      I'm not easy to fit. My hips are 19" larger than my waist, which is 7" smaller than my ribcage, which is 11" smaller than my chest. All of that aside, I'm also short and stockily built through the butt and thighs. I have curves, lots of them. Jesse worked with me to ensure every single piece of my gi would be a perfect fit, and while it took almost 3 months to arrive, it was more than worth the wait. It's been worn pretty much every day since for well over 9 months, and it doesn't show a single sign of wear, despite constant washing and heavy use. I'm getting ready to order my second; I can't recommend this gi enough. on Apr 3rd 2017

    6. Good quality looks nice

      One of the best looking gis I have owned, material is good quality. However shrunk more than expected. Advice: add 2 additional inches to pant length and kimono height (on top of what's recommended in the guide). on Mar 28th 2017

    7. Beautiful and tough

      It is difficult to find a completely white women's gi (without patches, embroidery, pink trim, etc). Now try to find a white women's gi which can be completely customized to your size. Killer Bee offers such a product, along with absolutely awesome customer service. I purchased my first one several years ago and liked it so much I came back for two more. Great company! on Jan 10th 2017

    8. quality garment

      I'm 6'7'' 240lb and there's not many suitable Gi's available in the marketplace. Delivered on time and fits perfectly. Feelin suave and sophisticated on the mats. Even if you're a conventional size, it is money well spent. on May 4th 2016

    9. Excellent customer service!

      I recently ordered a custom gi for my wife. When i first received it, i saw that the color scheme was wrong. I went back to the website to contact Jesse. Within 36 hours, I had the paperwork to send back the gi. The next day, Jesse replied back with the details surrounding the mixup. We are all human and I understand that mistakes happen. The excellent communication and service is above and beyond what is normal nowadays. Thank you, Jesse! Customer for life. on Feb 12th 2016

    10. Great brand

      I had an amazing experience with this company. Customer service was top notch. Jesse always replies asap and answers every inquiry you have for him. The gi is the best one I've had. Best gi in the dojo actually. Materials were amazing. The colors were spot on. This company offers a lot for customization. I can see my gi lasting for more than 5 years. The embroideries are the best I've seen on any gi (seriously). Only reason i gave it 4 stars was because the gi sizing is bigger compared to other brands. Next time I'm sizing down from a1 to a0. Also, my belt loop was black when it was supposed to be gray. No biggie but to some it could be a deal breaker, so I hope Jesse improves on this. If you guys wanna check my gi out check my facebook I hope that when I purchase next time I get some kind of compensation. But none the less, great gi.. Best customer service ever.. Amazing brand! Will order again. on Dec 28th 2015

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