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KillerBeeGi BJJ Weave Belts

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    Killer Bee Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Kimonos now also offers a new line of BJJ belts made from the same material as our Ligustica MK II gi's. These gi belts are heavy duty yet very pliable. Once tied they are less likely to come untied because of the texture of the belt.

    Because they are made from the Ligustica style of cloth they will shrink at almost the same rate. 




    Size Length In Inches
    A1 100"
    A2 109"
    A3 119"
    A4 124"
    A5 129"
    A6 135"
    A7 141"






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    1. Killer bee weave belt

      Exactly what I ordered, really great quality belt. I will be ordering all my belts from killer bee. on Jun 6th 2019

    2. Stays tied and in place

      I bought this belt because the one I had initially bought from a different company wouldn't stay tied, even after 6 months. My new belt stayed tied the first day! on May 29th 2019

    3. Great belt!

      I have used these belts for 7 years and they do not break down too fast and stay tied most of the time during rolling sessions. on Feb 19th 2019

    4. Awesome belts but more narrow then before

      I love these belts. I was a blue belt for 4 years and the killer bee belt was awesome. I'm giving a 4 star review instead of a 5 because I was just promoted to purple belt so without hesitation I purchased a purple killer bee belt. But it seems over the 4 years since I bought my blue belt the design has changed. The belt is about 1/4 more narrow now then before and after I shrink it I'm afraid it might be like tieing a string around my waist. on Dec 9th 2018

    5. Love these belts!

      This is the second belt that I've bought from Killer Bee. The first was my white belt. The blue belt is a little narrower than I prefer, but it is still built like a tank! I HIGHLY recommend these belts of you want a belt that stays tied and is durable enough to stay the course. I plan on ALL of my belts being from Killer Bee. on Dec 2nd 2018

    6. killer bee blue belt

      I liked it a lot, I just recieved it and used it once but I can tell already I'm satisfied. on Oct 2nd 2018

    7. Worth every penny!!!!

      I ordered a few other companies gi material belts and they all were too wide and all double the thickness of regular cotton belts. Then a guy at my gym recommended this company. I'm glad I ordered one because this belt is perfect. I cannot think of one thing wrong with this belt. I plan on purchasing other belts when the time comes. Kudos on such an awesome belt. on Aug 29th 2018

    8. As for now, great belt!

      I'm a 5'4" female that weighs around 130 lbs. I ordered an A2 in the purple to replace the competition light one I received during my belt promotion. The belt was a little long fresh out of the bag, but after two washes in hot water, it shrank a subtle amount and fits a little better. It is not the darkest or most rich in color, but still a good, solid lighter purple.

      One thing I really love about this belt so far is its ability to stay tied. There is a rigorous conditioning warmup one of my professors love to do, and it stayed throughout the workout, which involved sprawls and a lot of hip movement. It takes a couple of hard rolls for this thing to finally come untied. Thank you for a great belt, Killer Bee!
      on Jul 26th 2018

    9. Great quality belt!

      I love everything about this belt except the sizing. Unfortunately, the A2 is too small at 108" (I have another brand belt that is an A3 at 116" and way too long), and I see that Killer Bee's A3 belt, at 119", will be too long. My fault for thinking I could fit the A2. Again, great belt in every way, just not sized for my 33' waist. on Jun 12th 2018

    10. Best belts

      I've bought both my blue and purple belts from killerbee and I LOVE them. The woven belt stays tied better for me, than the normal cotton belts. I'll keep buying them until he gets tired of selling them. on Mar 13th 2018

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