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Custom Gi Jacket Top Pre-Order

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    If you wish to have custom embroidery or a duplicate pair of pants made, then simply choose them as they are now considered a separate product you can include with your custom gi order.

    We offer a ton of options for you. As always, if you have any questions, please contact me and I will respond promptly.

    Orders take about 30-70 days to complete and be delivered.

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    1. Finally a Gi that fits

      Killer Bee Gi is a much needed service in my opinion, I have been doing BJJ for almost two years over 300 classes and just received my Blue Belt, been in several types of Karate my whole life of 58 years and never had much problems with Karate Gi’s but I went through 8-10 Gi’s trying to find a fit in BJJ Gi’s.
      I tried Judo Gi’s all types and brands of BJJ Gi’s nothing fit right.
      Then I found Killer Bee my first Killer Bee Gi was Scutellata weave and that was just to light for me so I have stuck with Ligustica Weave ever since it’s so nice having the skirt long enough to not keep coming out of my belt and the sleeves long enough I can pull off a sleeve choke the pants actually fit like pants not knickers what’s also nice is I wear an A4 jacket and A3 pants so being able to mix top and bottom is also great and I feel like I look good if you look good you play good Jerry Rice use to iron his socks he felt like if he didn’t he didn’t look god so its important.
      Thanks Killer Bee
      on Feb 19th 2019

    2. I have had such a problem finding BJJ Gi’s to fit me

      I have had such a problem finding BJJ Gi’s to fit me; I am a lifelong Karate guy and started BJJ almost 2 years ago. They size way different I have gone thru numerus Gi’s never could get a bottom to fit me and the tops were to short I was constantly redressing tried Judo gi for a longer skirt but the sleeves were to baggie. Killer Bee is the ticket I ordered A-3 pants 12” longer and A-4 top with longer sleeves and skirt and Blue thread to match my new Blue Belt Awesome, I ordered the Anatolica Lite Weight Weave, first and felt it was to light even in California the Ligustica Hybrid Weave is really nice and think I am going to try one more weave. Thanks Killer Bee on Jan 31st 2019

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