Custom BJJ Gi Request Guide

Killer Bee Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Kimonos Custom Gi Ordering Process

Killer Bee BJJ Kimonos offers the consumer the ability to build a gi that fits them and looks exactly the way they want. For the most part submitting your request is an easy process but there are several facts that you need to be aware of when ordering a custom gi. This page serves to assist you during the ordering process.

First lets begin with discussing the different packages we offer.

1. KillerBeeGi Custom Gi Package: This is our flag ship custom gi that gives you many custom options for a beautiful gi at a fair price and in a resonable amount of time, about 30 days from order date. You are able to modify the size dimensions for total sleeve length, gi top height as measured from base of collar to skirt end, and also total pant length.

2. Custom Special Edition Gi: You can opt to have one of our new line of Special Edition gi’s modified to the sizing of your choice. We also offer limited stitching color choices.

Next we will discuss the different materials used to make the pants and gi tops.

Gi Top Fabric:

1. Scutellata Weave: This is your standard medium weight gold weave. About 550 GSM. It is softer when compared to the Ligustica weave but also retains more sweat while rolling. It is considered the most durable although all weaves we have are very durable.
2. Ligustica Weave: This is also a medium weight gi. About 525 GSM. It is our Carioca Weave/Double Pearl. It is only slightly lighter in weight when compared to the Scutellata Weave but holds less sweat when rolling, “feeling” lighter in weight because of it. It is not as soft though as the Scutellata Weave.
3. Meliponini Weave: This is our basic Single Weave material. Lightest in weight, the softest of all the fabrics, and very breathable. Within BJJ circles Single weave is not considered the strongest of the weaves although we have not had ANY issues with ours.
4. Anatolica Weave: This is our new lite weight material. About 350 GSM.  Strong and durable.

All of our gi tops are constructed the same way. Even our beginners gi, the Meliponini, has all of the same construction attributes as our more premium lines.

Gi Pant Fabric:

1. Heavy Duty Fabric: This is our most durable, canvas like fabric, used for our gi pants. It is heavy but is much more abrasion resistant than our RipStop gi pants. Feels heavy when sweaty. This is a 14 oz. weight fabric.
2. RipStop Fabric: This is probably our most comfortable gi material fabric. It is lightweight and very breathable. If you buy white make a note not to wear darker underwear, as everyone else will know. The name is rather a misnomer. It is more prone to ripping than our other fabrics and the least abrasion resistant. We do use a heavier 10 oz. weight fabric.
3. Drill Cotton Fabric: This is our most comfortable pants. IMO. Soft material, abrasion resistant, and still breathable. We use a 12 oz. weight fabric.


All of our gi’s are made of 100% cotton. Cotton is a natural fiber that shrinks when washed and dried. Cotton also is an unstable fabric that shrinks and expands in relation to humidity. In general, our gear will shrink from 1-3%


Custom Sizing & Measuring  

Sleeve To Sleeve Measurement: You will need help to do this. Have your arms extended out like an airplane with your hands as fists.  Measure from the knuckle of your middle finger, across your back, to the other middle finger knuckle.  Add two inches.  This method takes into consideration the shrinkage of the fabric.

Jacket Height: This is a bit trickier.  

Measure from the base of your neck right where the large vertebrae bone is, down do a desired length near your butt area. You will have to decide what is reasonable for your torso height.

Pant Height: Measure from where you wear your pants down to about 1-2 inches past your ankle bone. This will account for shrinkage.

Measuring From A Gi: If you are using an existing gi as reference, and you want those measurements, measure and add about 3% to account for shrinkage.

Look over everything and make sure it is as you want it.

Currently, wait times are about 30-60 days from date of order.


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